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Keeping up with the maintenance duties of your property or properties and feel like a full time job, the list can be infinite, there’s always something else to be done, one more thing to add to the list. When it comes to the exterior cleaning of your place Sweet Home has got your back. Cleaning may be one of the most irritating things to do for many people. If keeping the kitchen clean can be a challenge, imagine how hard can be to keep clean the exterior areas of your house, considering that they’re exposed to the elements all year long. Nowadays, most of the people would say that they already have enough in their plate. Work, family, kids, friendships, etc. There’s so much to do that we know you don’t want to spend your weekend cleaning the exterior of your home.

One the most common ways to clean the exteriors of your house is doing some pressure cleaning, and yes, sounds like something anyone could potentially do. Get a pressure cleaner from your local hardware store and spend the weekend pulling the trigger. TOO EASY! Well, the reality is that’s not that easy, those gurneys that you can get from Bunno will only allow you to go so slow that you’ll either end up quitting half way and calling a professional to finish the job, or simply doing it with a terrible technique, achieving a marvellous amateur finish. We will all be able to see the marks of your wand, and how poor was the quality of the job that you did -or eventually, your hubby did… if the finally decided to take action on that request you did a year ago-.

Pressure cleaning involves time, energy, and skill to achieve a great result without damaging surfaces. Professional pressure cleaners use machines that can provide a water flow of 2-5 times of what one of those little adult toys from Bunno can do. That’s one of the reasons why will be able to move 3-4 times faster compared with you. Getting the job done quicker, and allowing ourselves spend time on details, making your place LOOK GREAT AGAIN. It’s almost impossible to get the desired results with do-it-yourself cleaning methods, unless you’re happy with a cheap job. If you are the type of person who does not like dirt, algae and mould on your home’s exterior surfaces and are thinking of clearing them, then you should call us.

Getting the exterior cleaning done may be daunting for you, but not for us. We enjoy what we do. We hold ourselves to very high standards and we specialise in providing quality high pressure cleaning services in Sydney. We provide our services for both residential and commercial buildings.

A clean place will allow the eye to not get distracted on details and to enjoy how beautiful the space is. We love our work and specially getting to see big smiles on our satisfied customers’ faces. If you are looking for the best pressure cleaning in Sydney, you can rely on us.

The importance of high-pressure cleaning in Sydney

High pressure cleaning is a great tool to take care of your property along the year under Sydney’s weather. Pressure cleaning will remove the dirt and other debris that have been accumulating over the different surfaces of your building. Pressure cleaning can be suitable to clean most types of roofs, facades, driveways, pavers, decks, etc.

Are you thinking about putting a property in the market?

Giving a good wash down to your property can be very advantageous if you are planning to sell your home in the future. When you do that, you’re allowing yourself to sell a finished product, and if you’re manage to show a consistent level of cleanliness in the property the buyer will understand that the place is been under consistent care and appropriately managed, and not that it only was touched up last minute before going into the market. Inconsistencies create that feeling. For instance, if your potential buyer walk around the house and have a look to the windows tracks and find them full of dirt, dead flies, etc. he will be 100% sure that the place hasn’t been under proper care. Additionally, when you buy something that’s dirty, you can’t see what’s the real condition of the product what will create distrust in the buyer. Nobody want surprises, we naturally want to minimise possible risks. No human wants to be disappointed of a decision that could involve 20 years of mortgage.

The street appeal of property is a key element. The roof condition, fence, entrance, steps if you have and front facade will be the initial presentation of your home. This can absolutely turn off any possible excitement that the client got after watching the pictures of the place on internet. If the outer layer of the structure is filled with dirt and grime, then no one shows interest in investing in such a faded home, or they may bargain with you on the house cost that you fixed. If your home is not up-to-date and does not look pretty, buyers will pay less than the actual value of the building.

If you are planning to sell your home, make sure that you have given a good facelift to the property, cleaning all the dirt from the walls, removing all the algae stains, windows -specially if you have a nice view-, and even sometimes washing the roof. If the possible buyer finds your roof too ugly he will start budgeting in his mind 20.000 or more to replace the roof. All this factors will impact on your profit, because In real estate, the property’s appearance is just as important as its location.

What are the advantages of pressure cleaning services in Sydney

You may have heard stories about your friend or neighbour damaging the cladding or the stone work by misusing a pressure washer. Do you know that if you go really hard with pressurised water you’ll be eroding the surfaces? Peeling of the first layer its not cleaning! If you don’t want to be involved in such a messy thing in your life, the only option that you have is to hire high-pressure water cleaning services in Sydney.

There are noticeable benefits to pressure cleaning services. We are compiling some of them below.

With high-pressure cleaning services, you have the great advantage of making your home look completely brand new. Professional pressure cleaners will help in turning your old home into a completely new one. Staying in a home that is neat and clean will give you peace of mind.

Usually only water is normally used in high-pressure cleaning services. Sometimes you can benefit yourself a lot from the use of some chemicals or special soaps. ButIf its not necessary, our professionals completely avoid the use of chemicals. So if you rather get your house cleaned without any other thing than water we can certainly do that.

Dirt and grime that accumulates on walls and steps, driveways, paths can cause significant costs for you and your family. If someone has a fall because of a slippery surface after all the heavy rains, that would be extremely expensive compared with what you would’ve invested in cleaning up that area. If you leave algae and mould sitting for too long you’ll definitely need to repaint that wall sooner than expected. Most of the organic livings that takeover the exterior of your house will end up eating and corroding the different materials where they stay for too long. For instance, the lichen that typically grows on roof tiles, has a very strong roots system that’s capable to penetrate into the tiles and the repointing of the roof, considerably increasing the risk of leaks into your house. Saving money on maintenance will make you spend twice in repairs repairs. Having your home washed on a regular basis will prevent any possible damage and will keep many of the insects at bay.

Why should you choose us?

High-pressure cleaning services

Sweet Home Window Cleaning has years of experience in the exterior cleaning industry. We been providing solutions for the most intricate scenarios and servicing the most challenging clients in places like Byron Bay and Sydney. We are the leaders in providing high- pressure cleaning services. If you are looking for the best quality in the market to make your places look great again, we certainly are your best choice.


At the beginning of the month we attended to the Trade Show and Training event organised by Softwash Australia in Gold Coast, where we had the chance to see what’s new and how we can help more our clients offering the best solutions in the market.


Previously the most common way to seal pavers, concrete, stone and other surfaces was to apply 2-3 layers of acrylic sealers-after cleaning in order to build up a protective film that hopfully will keep algee and mold away of your investment. Stone work is not cheap right? How could you protect those areas from deterioration or stain?

Easy, we got your back.



As in very industry, with years some changes came in. We realised that pressure cleaning wasn’t the best cleaning method for delicate surfaces-yes, its not the smartest thing to simply bast water as hard as we can, that’s vintage that’s when Soft Washing arrived to the game allowing us to clean more effectively without eroding surfaces in the process Soft Wasing works using smart soaps or degreasers to kill the organic growths (moss, mould, algae, lichen) and remove stains without the need of using high pressures.

The touch of grace to extend the lifespan of your surfaces is using sealers, they can reduce your maintenance costs keeping areas cleaners for longer, SifSealers have brought a total different concept to the market with their non sacrificial penetrating sealers. Have a look to their benefit

SiF Sealers Will

SiF Sealers Will

Sealers are formulated with proprietary additives enabling application to wet substrates

  • No loss in adhesion
  • No loss in stain resistance perfomance


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