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Incorporating the most innovative techniques in order to make properties look their best. Specialized in removing all types of organic growths like algae, mould and lichen from all the exterior surfaces of your place.

Does your property need to improve its street appeal? Do you need to prepare a property to go into the market? This is your place.

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Pressure Cleaning & Sealing

Using the most innovative methods to get your pavers, tiles and concrete looking great again. Not simple blasting water. Handling algae and mould with science backed methods. And if you want that extra layer of protection we can clean and seal in the same day. Thinking about selling? We constantly prepare properties to go into the market.

Window Cleaning

Our technicians are experienced in cleaning all types of windows in the most intricate settings. We are Certified Abseilers or Rope Access Technicians by IRATA and also count with other certifications like Working Safely at Heights.

Roof Cleaning / Washing

Is your roof the low point of the property? We are very resourceful to handle this situations. Soft Washing can be performed without the risks of pressure cleaning. But if the roof is strong enough, Pressure Cleaning it might be the option. Call us to assess your roof and provide a plan according.

Soft washing - Low Pressure cleaning, ideal for house washing.

Soft washing is the process of cleaning external hard surfaces to remove organic growth using cleaning solutions applied under low pressure instead of using potentially damaging high pressure. It's the gold standard to wash houses safely, and all the delicate surfaces that could be erode with high pressure like stone, fragile cladding, etc. Soft Washing provides a long lasting solution since it treats the root of the problem.

Pure water fed window cleaning

Enjoy the streak free rinse and the ladder-less technique that allow us to clean up to 70 feet without having to risk the safety of technicians. Ensures no damage to any surface with a ladder. And if it’s not possible to get it done with a pole or with the help of a ladder... We can always abseil down from the top. Ring us and lets see which options we have.

Solar panel cleaning

Most people don’t realise that without regular cleaning solar panels are not as effective as they should be — dirty solar panels can decrease efficiency by up to 30%.
Pressure cleaning solar panels? Hell no. Using chemicals or soap? No no. We use only give them a good scrub with special brushes while we rinse with a pure water system. 100% safety record.

That's the proper way to do them.

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Your One-stop shop for all your exterior cleaning

Sweet Home is your one-stop shop for all your exterior cleaning needs, saving you time and energy from having to deal with multiple trades.  We want you to relax and enjoy your outdoor spaces again.

We use an integral approach to cover all your exterior cleaning needs, saving you time and energy from having to deal with many different trades to stay on top of your maintenance needs. Let us inspect your property or your roof and design a plan to stay covered whole year round.


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